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Welcome to the

Northern EDGE Lab on the island of Newfoundland. Where better a place to study biogeography than on an island? 

We conduct research in arctic, boreal, and temperate ecosystems on topics related to biogeography, ecology, climate change, and disturbance. We are currently collaborating with researchers across Canada and around the world.

Our Values

Through our research, teaching, outreach, mentorship, and everyday life, we actively work to promote and support an inclusive space, including, but not limited to, diversity and intersections in sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ancestry, language, cultural practice, socioeconomic background, pregnancy, parenting, or other caretaking role, physical abilities, neurodivergence, and learning abilities. 


We foster a culture that respects personal and professional commitments, and recognize and respect that, at different times, one may focus their energy on one over the other. We aim for redundancy in our happiness via diversity in our activities both in the lab and beyond it. Wellbeing is more important than data.

We carry out actions to meet these intentions. We continually work towards diverse representation in our lab, our collaborators, the scholarship we engage in and elevate, and our outreach. Through these deliberate actions and our active listening, we strive to maintain an environment of equity where we can work, learn, and thrive together.


We commit to standing up to intolerance through actions.


We commit to continual learning and self-reflection.


We treat each other with respect and compassion. 

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